John Paskievich, North End, Winnepeg (1976)


John Paskievich, North End, Winnepeg (1976)

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Yoan Capote’s sculptural monument to stress

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Tim Hawkinson 1999

Clytie Alexander

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Here’s a video of our great friend Tom Eccles in conversation with Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy at Hauser & Wirth New York, on 18th Street. The video has been taken on Thursday, June 20, at the opening of “Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy: Rebel Dabble Babble".This is the second spectacle by McCarthy in New York this summer, the other being the film-and-sculpture installation, “WS”. The piece is grand and gross, with ambushing flashes of beauty and an X rating. Out of many “vitriolic” definitions for the two show, I like the most this one from The New York Times: “basically a Yahoo epic, its satire framed in the language of Disney, Duchamp, 1950s suburbia, 21st-century greed and Craigslist pornography”.

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Andisheh Avini

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